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Managing Director
Founder, managing director and mustachioed face of the business. Before Wow Simon headed up Sales at the Kent Messenger, and brings the same loud-mouthed braggadocio to agency life. Simon is possessed of a keen understanding of the media world, heaps of affability, an over-helping of self-confidence and a misguided belief that he knows a thing or two about rugby and cricket.

Creative Director
Emma co-founded The Wow Factory with Simon after joining him from the KM. She has been the leading creative mastermind behind much of Wow's best-looking and most memorable work. She liaises directly with many of our clients: a true rarity for Creative Directors among modern agencies.

Art Director
'Big T' joined Wow shortly after telling Emma to avoid going into business with Simon at all costs. A sly move surely designed to make sure he got in first, it made little difference because he became Art Director anyway. Tony is one of a dying breed: The One-Man Agency. He effectively concepts, designs, writes and manages clients. He also somehow continues to play high-level rugby despite being 108-years old and having to label his beard as a tripping hazard.

CGI Specialist
Richard is Wow's creative, CGI man (meaning he works with CGI, not that he is CGI himself) and video editor. He is behind most of our TV campaigns, and does a hell of a lot of website design too. Horrifyingly sensible at 24 years old, he's putting the rest of our 20-somethings to shame by buying himself a house. Stothers is much more presentable than Emma, thankfully, so is capable of being client-facing.

Project Manager
If you've ever seen Game of Thrones, you know about Varys The Spider. The man with the network of spies, suppliers and troublemakers who does everything he can to keep the cogs ticking over. That's Nic - our project manager who, for whatever bizarre thing we ask, seems to be able to find a person capable of doing it. Her ways are mysterious and beyond the understanding of mortals, but we're happy to revel in the results.

PPC Specialist
Cotters is a fully-fledged member of the Google dark side. He knows and uses all manner of tricks and special powers to get our clients to the top of Google's organic and paid search listings, and keep them there. He's another member of Wow's sensible minority, but seems to have an endless supply of hilarious links to attempt to distract the rest of the team with.

Sam is our photographer of choice, helping us document events and parties, show our clients' products in the best possible light, and update our own website! No matter how unphotogenic the subject material, Sam inevitably manages to find a way to make it look or presentable. Case in point: the staff photos here.

Security Consultant
Molly is our resident security consultant. Her enthusiasm for her job varies day-to-day, but she can never be accused of being lax when it comes to monitoring the activities of the postman. Often she will be the other side of the house when she hears the door open, and by the time she arrives to see off the stranger they'll already be sitting down and halfway through a meeting. Despite her yipping and yapping, though, it's never long before she makes herself at home on the sofa to listen in and receive her compensation in belly rubs.

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